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Our Services:

Cross Border Intra Services is the financial & accounting service delivery unit of Business Strategists & Custodians. Our strength is our ability to offer our esteemed clientele tailored solutions of the highest caliber. As a BSC member firm, we are focused on the exceptional objectives of building trustworthy relationships while delivering quality output through our project teams that can support you from anywhere in the world, whatever your investment activity. Over the years we have been offering our clients a variety of solutions through the following approaches:

1. Asset Management:
Our Asset Management solutions are designed to offer our private & family office clients active, results-based management. We look beyond indexed performance to create real, long-term value through strong & principled positions. In all our investments, our team of professionals endeavors to take a comprehensive view of the risk involved. Our aim is to provide meaningful financial products with a tangible impact on the real economy & personal net worth.

2. Alternative Investments:
The alternative investments market is presently experiencing an increase in attention as many investors are seeking greater portfolio diversification & the potential to enhance their risk-adjusted-performance. However, rising demand also brings new pressure to fund managers to revise their distribution strategies & refine their business operating models to reach predefined financial goals. At CBIS, our professional teams are armed with analytical tools in the form of proprietary quantitative models that we call Lunarlake Models. The Lunarlake Models are the foundation behind our alternative investment options through:

a. CBIS Funds:
A collection of globally distributed venture capital, private equity & hedge funds. Find out more here.

b. The Century Exchange:
An over-the-counter trading market that allows investors to invest in undeveloped real-estate through derivatives that use land titles as the underlying asset. Find out more here.

Our flexible structure favors an opportunistic & responsive approach which enables us to identify tomorrow's investment themes & build teams with the best expertise to ensure project success.

3. Advisory & Consultancy:
Providing advisory & consultancy services is an crucial activity for CBIS. Developing close relationships on strategic issues, we have cultivated a tradition as a reliable problem solver. We provide solutions to address strategic challenges encountered by private clients, companies, family offices & their shareholders.

We help clients create and sustain value by:

  • Establishing fiscal policies to address disruptive forces in the market,
  • Turning their financial technology vision into reality,
  • Leveraging their cash-flows & cost-cutting as a strategic assets,
  • Optimizing their financial operations, budgetary & reporting functions,
  • Converting their financial & accounting data into insight,
  • & buying, selling, funding or restructuring their business or partnering with others.

For those seeking our Tax & Legal solutions, find out more here.

Further, those seeking our Auditing & Assurance solutions can find out more here.

Why You Choose Us:

CBIS is a results-driven financial-accounting professional services firm & investment house dedicated to combining our depth of local knowledge & global cross-border experience to provide our clients with the clarity &  confidence to execute their strategies. Our skilled teams comprise of professionals who hold certified credentials such as the CFA, MBA, CPA, ACCA, IBA & more ensuring our clientele guaranteed access to world-class strategies & advice at a fraction of prevailing industry fees.

Further, CBIS has long understood that taking environmental, social & governance issues into consideration is key to both risk management & value creation for all of the companies in its portfolio. Each area of expertise applies considerations from outside the realm of finance to its specific investment strategy & implements the highest ESG standards. CBIS professionals are known for their adherence to our strict Code of Conduct whilst undertaking their duties.

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